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About Us

Whether you are a dealer or manufacturer looking for service support on your products, an out of town customer looking for a place to ship your item for repair, or a person who needs on-site help installing  new equipment, we are here to help.  With just a few clicks of a mouse, we can offer you our expertise.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Services Offered:

Universal TV is a full-service facility, which means we are able to:

  • perform on-site service (within 48 hours in most cases).

  • provide p/u & delivery from stores or from customers (within 24 hours in most cases).

  • accept & repair products shipped to us.

  • accept & repair products brought into our store.

  • provide loaner items when your product is in for repair.

  • install equipment & educate you with its use, on-site.

  • provide specially designed, preventative maintenance packages.


In addition to the standard services listed above, we are able to provide custom services for clients with special needs.  Please contact us to discuss this further.

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